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Register for our 3rd Annual Day School Family Shabbaton

We are excited to open registration for our 3rd Annual Day School Family Shabbaton at Camp Ramah - - Friday, November 2, 4:00 PM until Sunday, November 4 at 11:00 AM in Ojai. Last year was so much fun, and we are excited to build on our experience with all of our new and...

Leadership Blog

Embracing Our Kehillah Kedosha - Holy Community

Dear Adat Ari El Families,

Tonight we will gather together as one community to celebrate Shabbat Under the Stars.  There will be music, food, prayer, and dancing, but most importantly, there will be a Kehillah Kedosha, a holy community.  It’s not the prayer that makes us a holy community, but the people in it.  When we introduce ourselves to someone new and invite them to sit down with us or we share some of the delicious food that we brought, that is what makes this kehillah holy.

In addition to this evening, we will have a number of opportunities in the coming months to embrace this beautiful community of ours in meaningful, fun, and spiritual ways:

Kol Nidrei & Yom Kippur

This Tuesday evening, the Jewish community will join together in praying Kol Nidrei (all vows).  Kol Nidrei serves as an introduction to Yom Kippur (day of atonement).  Kol Nidrei has a fascinating history as a legal ritual.  The Jewish people were often persecuted for being Jewish and forced to adopt a new religion.  The Kol Nidrei prayer serves as a legal ritual to annul the Jewish people of any vows that they have made.  Only after the Kol Nidrei prayer was recited were those Jewish people who had converted to other religions allowed to rejoin the Jewish faith.

While the need to annul ourselves of forced conversion is no longer as prevalent a threat, there are other aspects of our life from which we need to be separated. Whether it be behaving badly, fighting with friends or loved ones, or loosening our moral virtues, Kol Nidrei is a good warm up for us to enter Yom Kippur ready to say “we will be better”.


In just SEVEN short weeks, we...

Leadership Blog

Dear Parents:

It was wonderful to see our families gather together last night for Back-to-School night. We began the evening in the Labowe outdoor chapel, adorned with twinkling lights, and heard from the leadership of our community on a variety of topics before heading to the classrooms for a deeper look at what our students will accomplish this year. 

Our wonderful new president of the Day School Governing Board, Kristin Weiss, welcomed our parents and shared a desire to get to know each of our families more deeply. The Synagogue Executive Director, Eric Nicastro, described the connection between our school and the greater community of Adat Ari El, and reminded us that we are not only a part of a Day School community, but of a larger community, as well. The lovely PA presidents, Leora Smith and Natalie Sirin, shared a picture of the exciting upcoming events and described ways for our families to get more involved. Eric Chafetz, our new Judaic Studies Director, led our parents in a “prayer for our students”.

Our Head of School, Shara Peters, discussed the state of our School, including how we welcomed 22 new families into the Day School this year. Shara introduced the concept of Giving at ADAT and a timeline for fundraising throughout the year. She also presented this year’s theme determined by our faculty, based on our vision statement: “I am a difference maker.” In our earliest days of school, each grade has spent time discussing what it means to make a difference for themselves, their classroom, school, city, nation, and global community. Then, as parents went to their children’s classrooms, our General and Judaic Studies teachers shared how their class interpreted the idea of being a difference maker and how that would guide their curriculum throughout the year:

“In TK, we are difference makers because we take care of our...

Leadership Blog

Dear Parents, 

It's been an incredible week at Adat Ari El Day School, as we kicked off the 2018-2019 school year together! Check out our first day of school video here

From the moment your children walked through our doors on Tuesday morning through Kabbalat Shabbat today, and every moment in between ... I have a great feeling that this is going to be another extraordinary year! Looking forward to sharing in all of these moments with you and your family. 

Wishing you a restful, long weekend and a Shabbat Shalom. 


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