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What's News at ADAT: 12.21.18

What's News at ADAT: 12.21.18

Dec 17, 2018

Leadership Blog 

Dear Parents:

It seems like only a week ago that we were welcoming you back to a new school year. And yet, here we are getting ready to close for our winter break! What an amazing first part of the school year it has been. Together, we have accomplished so much, including:

  • Welcoming the Jewish new year 5779

  • Celebrating holidays from Sukkot to Hanukkah and Shabbat Under the Stars

  • Learning together through parent education and parlor meetings

  • Giving back through tikkun olam projects, such as Safe Parking LA or responding to the needs of the Woolsey Fire victims

  • Sharing our mission and touring prospective families around our campus

  • Reaching 96% participation in our first-ever Annual Fund campaign so far

It really is incredible how much we have done in these first four months of the 2018-19 school year. As we look ahead to 2019, we are equally excited about what lies ahead, including:

  • Grade Level Shabbat Dinners

  • Intergenerational Day 2019

  • Jump-a-Thon

  • Class Field Trips

  • Our 2019 Annual Celebration on May 4

  • ...and so much more!

In the meantime, please enjoy a well-deserved break from the routine – whether you’re traveling or staying close to home. We hope you have a fun, rejuvenating, and family-filled winter break and a healthy, happy new year!

We look forward to seeing you and your children again on January 7, 2019!



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Outside The Classroom

School News & Updates

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In the Community

Annual Fund 2018-2019

We’re at day 90 of our 100 days, 100% participation 2018-19 Annual Fund campaign. And, if the numbers were to tell a story, it would tell one of community, strength, “firsts”, and so much gratitude for all of you!

The numbers speak for themselves:

Faculty, Staff, and Administration - 100%
Governing Board - 100%
TK - 88%
Kindergarten - 100%
1st Grade - 100%
2nd Grade - 93%
3rd Grade - 100%
4th Grade - 71%
5th Grade - 100%
6th Grade - 100%

Whole School - 94%

It’s important to me that I reiterate the WHY of the Annual Fund. There are so many benefits for our school if we can get to 100% participation:

  • Our accreditation from CAIS (California Association of Independent Schools) will be stronger if the visiting team sees 100% participation from our families
  • We will be able to approach outside donors - including foundations - more easily to ask for support
  • More funds will be available for programming, facilities, curriculum enhancements and professional development, to name a few.

Remember that “community” does not only refer to you, our parent community, but also to the Board, faculty, and administration. We are filled with appreciation that our Board members are so deeply committed to what an investment in ADAT means - not just of time, but of financial resources, that they have come together with 100% participation. Then, there is our administration and faculty. Whether they have been here for 30 years or 3 months, they have come together in solidarity with ADAT and 100% participation and alignment with our Annual Fund goals.

Now, it’s your turn. Help us reach our goal by stepping up to complete the remaining 24%. We are almost there and we have made incredible strides thanks to our Board, faculty, administration, and nearly three-quarters of our community. Together, let’s prove how strong we are by making your gift to our Day School Annual Fund.

100 days, 100% participation, 100% commitment to our mission. Together, let’s discover the power of giving.


Winter break is coming and that means time for mini camp at ADAT!


From the Synagogue


7:30pm - 9:30pm

Ripe - A Juicy Comedy Featuring Wendy Hammers



Engel Concert

Annual Chamber Music Concert




10:45am to 12:15pm

Havdalah Highlights

We start each week gathered together as a school for a Havdalah ceremony, during which we highlight students who we have noticed acting in ways that carry out our mission. Because we are so proud of our students, we wanted to share their stories with you!

Sophie R. in Kindergarten helped put a bandaid on Annie.

When a student came into the office to talk with Ms. Goodman, Katriella W. from 3rd grade followed her in to make sure she was ok and give her a hug. 

This story is reported by Shirel C in 5th grade: 5th grader Ella B. helped me because I forgot my homework at school so she went back and got it for me, took a picture of it, and sent it to me because it was due the next day. I think that is very nice of her.

Even though 5th grader Elad G. was not feeling well on Friday, he was crawling around the room picking up pencils and papers so that we could leave our room better than we found it. 

5th graders Elad G., David M., Leah M., and Michelle L., helped served food to the homeless in the Safe Parking program.


Mark your calendars for these important dates:

  • January 7: School resumes
  • January 10: 4th grade parlor meeting
  • January 14: Spring enrichment begins
  • January 14: 1st grade parlor meeting
  • January 15: DS governing board meeting - 7:30pm
  • January 16: Coffee, kibbitz & connect - 8:15am

*click here to view the full calendar

Jewish Trivia question of the week

Each week, we'll pose a Jewish Trivia question of the week and will reveal the answer in the following week's newsletter! Here's this week's question: On Tu B'Shevat, it has been traditional among some Jews to eat a specified number of fruits. How many?

a. 4

b. 15

c. 18

d. 91

ANSWER from last week's question: Which dish is a common stew eaten during Shabbat?

d. Cholent


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