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What Ever Happened to Hobbies?

What Ever Happened to Hobbies?

Feb 01, 2019

Dear ADAT Parents:

I don’t hear children talking about their hobbies as much as I used to.  At ADAT, I know of a student who is a baker and one who writes comic books.  Hobbies help children develop through activities of their own choosing and interests.  Many children are on sports teams and take classes. These are often springboards to hobbies where their interactions with knowledgeable and enthusiastic adults spark a child’s desire to delve further into an endeavor. There are many benefits to having a hobby, a self-chosen activity that is done in free time for pleasure.

Some of these:

  • Inspire curiosity

  • Are fun

  • Provide the opportunity for a child to learn about themselves

  • Provide the opportunity to learn about the world

  • Teach how to care for things that are important

  • Teach how to organize and research

  • Teach to set goals

  • Provide a sense of achievement

  • Provide the opportunity to teach others

  • Teach problem solving

  • Build confidence and independence

Sometimes a hobby turns into a lifelong interest or a career.  Hobbies that children develop are numerous. The obvious ones are sports, the arts, cooking, reading, and science related interests.  Some others are:

  • Building, woodworking (like bird houses, etc.)

  • Science (like rock collecting, interest in insects, animals)

  • Home arts (like sewing, felting)

  • Collecting (like coins, stamps, cards, leaves, flowers)

  • Nature related (like gardening, paper making)

  • Photography

  • Puppetry

  • Magic

One thing is certain.  When people are deeply engaged in a hobby they are passionate about, they aren’t watching TV mindlessly, texting endlessly, or complaining about being bored.

I used to grow tomatoes in my backyard, delicious ones.  I think it is time for me to do that again!






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