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Spread the Word - An Interactive Open House

Spread the Word - An Interactive Open House

Oct 24, 2019

Dear Parents,

Every year around this time, we look to you, our parent body, to use your voice – in the most constructive of ways. As our admissions season is in full swing, we know that the #1 way for others to learn about Adat Ari El Day School is by word of mouth. In other words, YOU! 

So, consider this blog your reminder to share your love of ADAT with friends and family in and around your neighborhood and community. But first, let me share with you what exactly an "Interactive Open House Experience" is! On Tuesday, November 12 at 7 p.m., we will be hosting our first evening Prospective Parent Open House. This Open House will be similar to other ones – complete with a tour, words from the administration, and our incredible student ambassadors. And, we have a few exciting additions. First, we're hosting this event in the evening – not only to accommodate working parents (yes, childcare is available), but to give visiting parents an opportunity to hear from teachers and specialists around campus when they are not teaching. Second, parents will have a more interactive experience with our school and our educational philosophy – by actually having a chance to use our incredible spaces. This model is a "taste" of ADAT that we hope will lead to a private, one-on-one tour with me, where they can see the kids in the classroom and have a chance to have all of their questions answered by me. 

We anticipate that this new model will combine the best of both worlds of an admissions event – an intimate, interactive view of our school and our mission with a traditional tour of the highlights of our campus. If you are interested in being a parent docent, I welcome you to contact me. Otherwise, we hope that now that you know what and when this is, you will do your part in spreading positive word of mouth about ADAT and about this unique opportunity for prospective parents to experience it first-hand. You can feel free to pass along this link to RSVP

Looking forward to partnering with you to welcome another group of wonderful families to our community!

With gratitude,


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