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Purim Memories & Creating New Ones

Purim Memories & Creating New Ones

Mar 08, 2019

Dear Parents,

For me, Purim is a magical time of year. When I think back to growing up, the way that my synagogue community came together for our annual carnival was an important part of my Jewish identity. The parking lot, the playground, the hallways, all of the places I knew like the back of my hand, were transformed. My friends and I would roam in a pack from booth to booth, enjoying being surrounded by people who had known us our whole lives. We would be so excited to see what was the same as the year before, and what was new.

As a teenager, my friends and I came together to help run the carnival. While we were “too cool” for the games (we weren’t, really), we loved staffing the booths, running the prize room, and seeing the younger children in our community find the same kind of joy and wonder as we did when we were small.

As a young adult, I was the youth director at the same synagogue, and I oversaw the teens who were running the carnival. It didn’t change that feeling of magic that I had from my childhood – it intensified it. The first year that I was able to bring my own child to the carnival (pictured below), I felt so lucky to be able to have my daughter at the place of my childhood, surrounded by kids in costumes and teens running booths, and community bonding.

Now, we are lucky enough to call Adat Ari El our synagogue and community. This year, Purim World looks to be amazing. I cannot wait to be able to have my children running from booth to booth, being surrounded by their community, and feeling the joy and levity that comes from all of us gathering together for such a happy occasion. Click here to purchase tickets – I can't wait to see you there!

Shabbat Shalom,


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